All bookings are accepted subject to the following conditions:


Arrivals: Strictly after 12noon and before 8pm.

Departures: Strictly before 11am.

Early departures: If you decide to depart prior to your booked departure date, no refund will be issued for the remaining days.

Vehicle movement: There is to be no vehicle movement throughout the park between the silent hours of 11pm-8am. If you do decide to depart early, you must advise the park owners and prepare as much as possible to minimise noise, whilst the rest of our guests are sleeping.

We ask that at all times you are considerate to other park users, especially when entering the park late at night when we expect noise levels to be kept to the absolute minimum at all times.

Driving and parking: Please drive with due care and attention at all times during your visit. We work very hard to maintain the high standards of the park grounds and it becomes very frustrating when guests manoeuvre their caravan or motorhome across our lawns. Please help us to maintain our lovely garden park by not driving across or on the grass at any time. We do understand that you have sometimes driven a long distance and simply just want to get settled and relax. We will always welcome you onto the park and assist you onto your allocated pitch. The park is fairly tight in a few places and we ask that if fitted, you must use your motor mover to manoeuvre onto your pitch. REVERSING INTO YOUR PITCH IS NOT ALLOWED, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

During your stay: Throughout your visit it is very likely that we will conduct grounds maintenance, this includes mowing the grass. For this reason, please position your fresh & waste water containers/electric cable and hoses on the hard standing. This allows us to conduct our job without disturbing your setup.

Group bookings: We do not accept groups.

Dogs: Up to 2x quiet well-behaved dogs are welcome, they must be declared at time of booking. All dogs are subject to our dog policy.

Noise: We are a Tranquil park; noise is to be kept at a reasonable level at all times and to the absolute minimum between 10pm and 8am.

Awnings and groundsheets: Awnings are permitted on our all-weather pitches only. Awnings erected on the grass is strictly at the owner’s digression and IAW current ground conditions.

To protect the beauty of the park, no awnings are permitted on grass during prolonged wet periods.

Electricity: We have the maximum permissible electricity supply to the park. It is 3 phase and 100amps. As there are 10x pitches each pitch is supplied with 10 amps. If you find that your power keeps tripping it will be due to the simple fact that the circuit is overloaded (i.e., too many electrical items running at any one time) or there is fault within your unit. The park regularly conforms to electrical testing. It is not uncommon for the power supply to trip. To provide a consistent power supply to all guests, we ask that you keep your usage to exactly what you require at any given time.


Domestic appliances: Caravan & camping low wattage appliances only. Many modern household appliances are very powerful. The combination of just a couple of these per caravan/motorhome will cause power failure for the whole park.

BBQ’s: Are permitted on the hardstanding only, campfires are not allowed.

Ball games of any type are not allowed.

Visitors: During COVID-19, there are strictly no visitors allowed.

Visitors: Post pandemic, visitors must be a minimum of 18 years of age and approved prior to visit. It is the responsibility of the guest who booked the pitch to inform/brief their visitor of the parks “terms and conditions” with particular emphasis of the noise levels. Visitors are permitted to use the toilet, but are not permitted to use the shower room or bring a dog. Visitors £2 each.

Chickens: Our free range Silkie chickens roam freely throughout the park. They are very friendly and will approach you and your vehicle. Please look out for them when driving through the park. Please do not feed them, they have a unique diet.

Rubbish/Re-cycling: We encourage you to recycle as much as possible. We have provided you with a designated area to filter your waste. Unfortunately, we do not allow you to dump your broken microwaves or worn groundsheets/ awnings as an example. The bins are provided for the waste you produce on a daily basis only.

Cancellation policy: Deposits are non-refundable.

Visit cancelled with more than 28 days from planned stay: - deposit can be transferred to another date.

Less than 28 days remaining: Transfer allowed if we re-let the pitch.


*For security reasons, you must not open the park gates for anyone. Direct them to the house or tell them to phone. Do not assume a caravan or motorhome is booked on the park. We do not allow viewings without appointment *

Noise levels -  we are a small tranquil park, we kindly ask noise levels to be kept at a reasonable level at all times with strictly no noise after 10pm


We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the park. Any person or persons dog who causes a disturbance or nuisance and/or fails to adhere to our terms and conditions will have their visit terminated and no refund will be given.


“Manor House Touring Park” and its owners will not accept liability in respect of any person or the property of any person using the park however caused or sustained.



Finally, thank you for taking the time to read our policies and do be assured that our park has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.



Well behaved quiet dogs with responsible owners are very welcome.

This dog policy is to ensure that you, our other guests and all four-legged friends have a peaceful holiday.

Dogs are charged at £1 per dog/night.

It is at the park owner’s discretion, a maximum of two well behaved quiet dogs are permitted. (we do not accept dangerous dog breeds)

Dog leads: All dogs regardless of their size or temperament must be kept on a short lead and only within your own designated pitch area. Maximum lead length 6 feet.

Walking and toileting your dog: We do not have a designated dog walk area on site. Dogs can be walked outside the park on Kitty lane which is a very quiet country road. There is a very large series of fields within a 10-minute walk (Common edge road) and we also have a great network of countryside footpaths and bridleways for you and your dog to enjoy, these start just a few minutes’ walk from the park. Dogs must be walked off site for all toileting needs. Please be responsible and tidy up after your dog.

What to do if your dog has a toileting accident on the park:  If your dog has an accident on the park, please don’t worry about it, we do ask that you clean it up ASAP, including a fresh water rinse of the effected area. This especially applies to female dogs if they wee on the grass. If your dog wees on the grass, we ask that you rinse the area immediately with cold water, there are watering cans provided underneath the outside sink area. If you don’t rinse down after your dog, it will kill the grass and leave us with an unsightly bleached area.


Excessive barking/ yapping: In the interest of other guests who are trying to enjoy their holiday, the persistent yapping or barking of your dog, will not be accepted or tolerated. In this instance we ask that you remove your dog from the park until he/she has calmed down.





On making your booking you were sent the above information with your booking confirmation. By staying with us you agree to the above terms and conditions.

The owners of “Manor House Touring Park” reserves the right to asses a dog or a dog owners behaviour, if we decide that the behaviour concerns us or poses a significant risk or disturbance to either other guests or the park, you will be asked to leave the park without any reimbursement of fees. We use the 3-strike rule.

The success of the park is largely due to the Tranquil atmosphere and beauty of the lawns and landscaping. We as park owners have a duty to maintain this standard for all our guests to enjoy. Please bear in mind that, people holiday with us mainly to escape from the stresses & strains that comes from a busy schedule. 

We wish to continue accepting dogs on the park so please help us by adhering to our policies.